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How to plan a Baby Shower (Baby Full Month) in Singapore: An Ultimate Guide

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It’s a month before (or after – man yue) baby’s arrival and that is a reason to party!

Baby showers, or baby full month, in Singapore have become quite an affair for mummies as they celebrate with friends and family for the new addition to the family.

The term baby shower has different context in different cultures. In Singapore, a baby shower is a party to celebrate the full month of the baby, also known as the baby full month party. In the West however, a baby shower is a party thrown during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy for the pregnant mother.

A party with fun (baby related) games and delicious food, what’s not to love about a baby shower?

However, like planning for any party that’s nothing short of perfection, the stress of putting everything together might prove to be slightly stressful.

With a million things to pull together, such as invitation cards, dessert table, decorations, cake etc…, planning for a baby shower in Singapore may turn out to be more of a stressful than fun event.

To help mummies in Singapore plan for a stress-free baby shower, we have done the work for you and come up with this ultimate step by step guide to planning an awesome baby shower (baby full month) in Singapore!

  • Baby Shower Themes
  • Baby Shower Invitations
  • Baby Shower Balloons
  • Baby Shower Dessert Tables
  • Baby Shower Cakes
  • Baby Shower Games for Kids
  • Baby Shower Games for Adults
  • Baby Shower Favours (Gifts for guests)


Baby Shower Themes

First things first: Deciding on the theme of the baby shower

To kick start your baby shower planning, decide on the theme of your party.

Depending on the gender, you might want to first settle on a color scheme. If it is a boy, perhaps bluish undertones.

And if a girl, maybe pinkish undertones. You could then pair and add on colors that complement the base color of blue or pink.

However, if color-based themed baby showers aren’t your cup of tea, you could opt for more gender-neutral themes such as a safari, garden, carnival or even space themes.

The choice is endless. Pick a theme that speaks to you and make that the theme of your baby shower!

Baby Shower Invitations

Secondly: Prepare the invites

Ready a list of invitees!

Go through your phone book and decide who will be attending the baby shower if you would like a bigger affair.

Conversely, if you decide upon a smaller and more intimate setting, invite your closest friends and family to celebrate this milestone with you.

Upon deciding who your guests are, it is time to prepare your invitation cards!

According to the theme that you have decided upon, choose either a physical invite or e-invite for your guests.

Here is some inspiration for you when choosing your invites!

Baby Shower Balloons

What’s a baby shower without decorations?

Afterall, decorations help bring your party to life.

When we think of baby shower decorations in Singapore, the first thing that comes to mind is probably balloons!

Balloon wreaths, balloon backdrop, balloon bouquets, balloons are almost an integral part in most baby showers.

As such, we have come up with some of the most insta-worthy and mind-blowing decorations using, well, you guessed it – balloons.

Want to add balloons to the theme of your party!

Here are some baby shower party decorations with a theme in mind!

To make your balloon-filled baby shower dream come true, get in touch with some of Singapore’s very own balloon masters such as, That Balloons (, Cheery Balloons ( and Create Moments (

And should you not want balloons to be the main feature in your decorations, florals and lanterns would also add that magical and dream-like touch to your baby shower!

Baby Shower Dessert Tables

With decorations off the checklist, it’s time to feed the guests.

For many, dessert tables are the quick and easy fix when it comes to food catering for a baby shower in Singapore.

Dessert tables not only come with the most intricately designed table setting, but also include the most precious desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, cake-pops, macarons amongst many other sweet treats.

Again, all tailored to the theme that you have settled upon!

From the unicorn theme to jungle safari theme, dessert tables come in and immediately transform your party into a magical affair.

Here are some baby full month dessert tables you can consider in Singapore.

1. Celebrate with Cake Dessert Tables (

2. White Spatula Dessert Tables (

3. Stick to Grams Dessert Tables (

4. Little House of Dreams (

5. Little Red Balloon Dessert Table (

Baby Shower Cakes

The Centerpiece: Cake!

If you have chosen a dessert table, more often than not, it only comprises of little sweet treats such as cookies, macarons, cupcakes etc.

They do not, however, provide a cake, which most baby showers have, as a centerpiece.

Unlike the run-of-the-mill cakes that we see in the past, cake boutiques in Singapore today, have outdone themselves, creating art pieces for baby full month cakes.

So, should you like a bespoke cake that promises to wow your guests, here is a sneak peek into some of the most exquisite cake boutiques in Singapore which you might want to consider for your bespoke baby shower cake!

1. Zee & Elle (

2. Cupplets (

3. Sarah’s Loft (

4. Bloomsbury Bakers (

5. Crème Maison Bakery (

Baby Shower Games

Now that the guests have their bellies full: It’s play time!

Your baby shower is off to a wonderful start!

But just to inject more fun into the party, why not add some fun and games? While the parents sit around to chit-chat.

Let’s round the kids up and help fix their sugar rush from all the sweet treats they had consumed at the baby shower.

Expect many kids to be at your baby shower, so it would be great to play some kid-friendly games for more thumbs-up!

But that’s not to say adults can’t have their share of fun!

Here’re some games that you can use that will extract more fun and laughter for both kids and adults at your baby shower!

P.S. Little treats and snacks such as lollipops, crackers, chocolates etc make great rewards for those who had won the game!

Baby Shower Games for Kids:

1. Pinata

Pinata is always an excellent game choice for the children.

Once the game starts, squeals of delight and laughter are all you are going to hear!

Fill the pinata with kiddy favorites like candy, little toys, pencils, erasers, cookies, stickers, jewel rings, squirt fun etc.

Hang it at a height where children can reach and let them hit away until the pinata gives way!

Don’t forget to provide little goodie bags so that the children can store the goodies that they have picked!

For all your party game supplies, you can order online or head down to party supply shops such as CGS Party (, Kidz Party Store (, Party Wholesale (

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Yeap, it might not be Easter but nothing’s stopping you from a good Easter hunt for a baby shower game!

Similar to an Easter Hunt, you may want to hide some eggs for the kids to dig up. Depending on the theme of your party, you can choose to hide items that resonate with your theme.

For example, if your party is dinosaur-themed, you might wish to hide items such as chocolate eggs (which resemble dinosaur eggs), rubber toy dinosaurs, dinosaur keychains in plastic eggs before hiding them in different locations.

Just a tip: Try to hide the eggs in areas that close by the party so that parents can keep a look out on their children during the game!

Also, it might be a good idea to provide little bags for the kids to collect their eggs in!

3. Balloon Pop

This might be a familiar one but a real good one!

Easy and fuss free.

All you need are a few balloons and you have yourself a game to keep the kids entertained.

Have a balloon tied to both ankles of the kid and let the games begin!

The objective of the game is for players to burst the balloons of the kid next to them while keeping theirs safe!

The last kid with a balloon intact will be crowned the winner!

Baby Shower Games for Adults

It is a baby shower, but that doesn’t mean that the adults can’t have fun!

Here are some games to include to keep the adults just as entertained at your baby shower.

1. Bingo

Easy, fun and most importantly, does not require a back-breaking session of running and jumping.

All you need is a Bingo set that you are able to get at many online shops or even at Toys’R’us or Daiso!

Inside, you will find a Bingo wheel and Bingo scorecards.

Spin the wheel, a number falls out, strike off the number should it appear on the player’s card and once the player strikes out 5 either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, he or she wins!

So simple but it’s going to be a hit amongst the adults!

2. The Price is Right

Like the name of the game suggests, this game is all about getting the price right!

For this game, pick a list of baby related items.

From baby shampoo to breast pads, make a list of items you would like players to guess the price of.

To make it more fun and interesting, include items that are probably not as common.

Flash the items and ask players to write down the price of the baby item they think it to be.

The player whose answer is closest to the actual price wins!

P.S. Don’t forget to make a note of the items’ actual price on the side for easy reference!

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a game that can elicit some good laughter and makes a great baby shower game for adults! For this game, split the adults into two groups.

Come up with some baby related topics such as ‘breastfeeding’ or ‘diaper change’ to make the game more challenging and fun!

Each team sends a player up while the rest of the team guess what the player is drawing.

The team that has more correct guesses wins! So easy but oh-so-fun!

Baby Shower Favours

It’s time to bid adios: But not without a party favor (gifts for your guests).

Well, so far, you’ve been nothing but an amazing host who has knocked it out of the park with your exceptional baby full month.

All good things must come to an end, we’ve sadly, come to the end of the baby shower.

But before your guests leave, perhaps a memorable party favor so your guests never forget about this day.

You might want to choose a party favor that echoes the theme of your baby shower.

Of course, it has to be ridiculously cute but not completely redundant!

So, here are some of the more interesting party favors you could choose, to end your party on a sweet note.

These include a candy box, customised cookies, cake pop, honey pot, mixed candy cone, meringue, macaron, popcorn, succulents and coffee sachet.

Now that we have you covered from start to finish, you are now ready to plan your phenomenal baby shower.

Whether you choose balloons or an out-of-this-world theme for your baby shower, the key is having a splendid time with your friends and family.

Take this opportunity to unwind and soak in the fun because trust us, we know that having a newborn or preparing for one, isn’t the easiest and if it is someone who deserves a great time, it is none other than you!

So with that, Happy Baby Shower (Baby Full Month) to you, mummies and have an absolute blast!

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