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Boy or Girl? 5 Tips on how to Conceive your Ideal Baby Gender

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“We all want a healthy baby at the end of the day.” That’s true but we also know deep down, there is probably an inclination toward a certain gender when trying for a baby.

We also know that natural selection is a process that is beyond anyone’s control.

But what if we told you that there are perhaps ways to get around natural selection and have a teeny tiny bit of say in the gender of your baby?

While these methods are not scientifically proven, many have found success while adopting such conceiving methods.

So whether you are leaning towards a baby boy or baby girl, here are some tried and tested methods you might want to consider the next time you get under the sheets to try for a baby!

1) Time your sexy time

To conceive a baby boy:

When you try for a boy, you would need to time your ovulation accurately.

Have sex at the peak of your ovulation which is the day before you ovulate and the day you ovulate.

This is because, the girl sperm is not as fast as the boy sperm.

As the boy sperm swim faster, they have an advantage over the girl sperm by reaching the egg faster than girl sperm.

However, the downside of boy sperm is that they are only able to survive for shorter periods of time as compared to girl sperm.

Thus, having sex at the right time gives the boy sperm an edge over the girl sperm at fertilising the egg.

To conceive a baby girl:

Known for its 75% success rate, Shettles Method has been widely used for couples who are trying for a baby girl.

For the Shettles Method, it’s all about the timing.

As we all know, the baby’s gender is dictated by the chromosome carrying sperm. With the girl sperm (X) and boy sperm (Y).

While the girl sperm is stronger and more resilient, the downside is that they are bigger and heavier, resulting in them swimming slower than boy sperm.

In order to give the girl sperm the lead, it is ideal that you have sex 2 – 4 days before you ovulate is you hope for a baby girl.

Giving the girl sperm a head start, the girl sperm would be left to fertilise the egg by the time you start ovulating.

2) Get in the right position

To conceive a baby boy:

Position, position, position. Position is something to look out for when it comes to trying for a baby boy.

We learn earlier that the boy sperm is lighter, and swims must faster than the girl sperm but does not last longer than the girl sperm.

Thus, to give the boy sperm a little boost, it is ideal to deposit the boy sperm as close to the egg as possible.

A deeper penetration helps the boy sperm reach the egg must faster before tiring out so positions such as doggy style, straddling and even standing up are the most ideal positions for conceiving a boy since they are positions that allow for deeper penetration.

To conceive a baby girl:

The converse can be said for trying for a baby girl.

Since girl sperm is heavier and moves much slower than the boy sperm, depositing it further away from the egg gives the girl sperm a higher chance of fertilizing the egg.

Positions such as missionary position is one you should engage in since it allows for a shallow penetration, making the sperm travel a longer distance before reaching the egg.

This gives the girl sperm an advantage since they last longer than boy sperm.

3) Eat the right foods

To conceive a baby boy:

Diet is a factor not to be missed when it comes to trying for a baby boy.

For the boy swimmers to emerge victorious, the PH levels of both you and your partner’s body should lean towards the alkaline range.

We all know that boy swimmers are fast, but do not have a long lifespan. But boy swimmers also don’t do well in acidic conditions.

As such, it is ideal to create an alkaline environment to help the boy swimmers reach the egg without much hassle.

For a more alkaline PH level in your body, research has shown that eating foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) and citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit) and even bananas can help to gear your body towards an alkaline PH level.

Some researchers even believe that taking a daily supplement of Evening Primrose Oil helps with the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

It is also important to note that both you and your partner would have to start on a more alkaline diet a few weeks to a month prior to trying for a baby.  

To conceive a baby girl:

On the contrary, girl sperms thrive on more acidic environment. It is said that an alkaline environment fends off the girl sperm, making them vulnerable in alkaline conditions.

As such, if you are trying for a baby girl, it is more ideal to keep a more acidic vaginal environment as this might increase the chance for a baby girl.

An nutritious diet that is high in calcium and magnesium such as yoghurt, cheese, tofu and canned salmon and milk.

It is also found that salt and banana is a big no no when trying for a baby girl since these foods tip the scales in a baby boy’s favour. 

4) Orgasms

To conceive a baby boy:

Yes, this segment has nothing to do with your partner’s orgasm and everything to do with yours.

While your partner has to do his part, it is your orgasm that might ultimately determine if you are getting a baby boy or a baby girl.

If you are looking at trying for a baby boy, then it is crucial that you have an orgasm during your sexual intercourse and here is the reason why.

We have learnt that the boy sperm is more proficient in a more alkaline environment and your orgasm provides just that condition for the boy swimmers.

The female orgasm makes the vaginal environment more alkaline which will give the boy swimmers more if an advantage to reach the egg.

To conceive a baby girl:

Conversely, if you are trying for a baby girl, then it would be preferable that you do not have an orgasm during the sexual intercourse since the alkaline levels in your body will prevent the girl sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Keep your body in a more acidic realm and that will increase your chances of having a baby girl.

5) Get the right temperature

To conceive a baby boy:

We are now aware that the boy sperm is more vulnerable and fragile as compared to the girl sperm.

Here’s another characteristic of the boy sperm that you should be aware of. Boy sperms is heat adverse which means that they don’t do too well with heat.

It is advisable to keep both you and your partner’s body relatively cool when trying for a baby boy.

Take a cool shower before sexual intercourse, this might give the boy sperm a higher fighting chance to fertilize the egg.

To conceive a baby girl:

When it comes to trying for a baby girl.

The opposite is said to be true.

Since girl sperm is more resilient to heat, having a hot shower before sexual intercourse gives the girl sperm an edge since the heat will reduce the number of boy sperm.

Having said that, it is important to not overdo hot showers as this reduces sperm count in men.

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

Regardless of a baby girl or baby boy, the most important thing is to ensure a healthy and happy baby. Enjoy the process of conceiving and this will be that much needed plus for you to get a baby to call your own. 

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