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21 Fun Things to Do while Pregnant in Singapore

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Being pregnant does not mean that your life has to revolve around staying at home and obsessing over the bump 24/7.

On the contrary, there is so much fun to explore when you are pregnant and it is the perfect time to enjoy some quiet time with just you and baby, with some of the most interesting activities available in Singapore.

Here is a list of fun activities to do while pregnant that you might find yourself interested in (and possibly hooked) as you journey along into pregnancy.

1. Take a cooking class

What better way to satiate your pregnancy food cravings than to whip up a delectable meal at a cooking class. With numerous cooking classes available in Singapore, choose a cooking class that appeals to your taste-buds!

While Hungry Mummies specializes in home-cooked food, Baker’s Brew brings out the baker in you.

And if you want to learn to cook up a feast, you might also want to consider ABC cooking studio as they provide a host of cuisines you can choose from.

Learn the mastery behind a sumptuous meal cooked with love and with baby on the way, these cooking classes might just come in handy as you and your family get together for a family meal!

P.S. The best part is, you are able to use your SkillsFuture credits to pay for these cooking classes. So start cooking away!

2. Go to a baby fair

With the bun in the oven, this is the perfect time for you to get your hands on some baby essentials to prepare for baby’s arrival.

Baby fairs not only save you the hassle of running all around Singapore for your baby needs (diapers, prams, car seats, playpen, milk bottle, breast pump…), you will also be able to save loads of money as these fairs offer you the best deals.

With renowned baby brands such as Huggies, BabyHome, LittleTikes, Pigeon, Merries amongst some 200,000 others, participating at these baby fairs, you will be able to find much of your baby needs at the fair (at a fraction).

Some of the most popular baby fairs in Singapore you should consider attending are Mummys Market  (the biggest baby fair in all of Southeast Asia), Baby Land Fair Expo and Supermom Baby Fair which usually open once or twice annually.

Get great deals and get ready for baby with these not-to-be-missed baby fairs!

3. Engage in some prenatal yoga

It is important to include some exercise in your daily routine to help with a smooth delivery. That we all know. However, being pregnant, you might feel sluggish and heavy. Not the best combination that encourages a workout.

But what if we told you some stretching is all it takes to help you and baby immensely in the delivery room?

Prenatal yoga, a gentler and less strenuous version of the normal yoga, not only prepares you for in your delivery, it also helps alleviate the frequent backaches you are experiencing during your pregnancy.

By correcting your posture through a series of stretches, you will find that your pregnancy may be less tedious without the constant aches and your body will thank you in the later stage of your pregnancy.

As prenatal yoga is different from normal yoga, it is crucial to find a yoga studio that caters to pregnant mummies like yourself.

Do look at some of the best prenatal yoga studios in Singapore that can help you along as you partake in your prenatal yoga journey.

Getting your daily dose of prenatal exercise and ensuring a smoother delivery, prenatal yoga is an activity you might want to consider picking up during the course of your pregnancy.

4. Indulge in a Spa session

Imagine starting off with a highly relaxing prenatal massage that melts away all your tight knots and backaches. Then, rejuvenate your skin and get that healthy glow with a detox facial.

After which, knead those tired aches and heaviness in the legs away before soaking in the jacuzzi to improve your blood circulation. Finally, end on a sumptuous note with a healthy lunch.

Ahhh… Surely nothing can be as relaxing as a spa session, especially when pregnancies can be taxing on your body.

Take a day to treat yourself and thank your body as you pamper yourself away at prenatal spa retreats such as aFond spa, So SPA or Lush Spa.

5. Enjoy a classy high tea

Sip on some tea and have a 3-tier dessert stand filled with various bite-sized yummy delights served to you and you will have one of the most delightful afternoons.

From buttery scones with jam, macarons to savory sandwiches, indulge in a classy foodie experience as you chat your afternoon away with the company of good food and your favorite girlfriends.

What’s more, with several high-tea options available in Singapore, choose one that suits your palate for that day. Craving something with more of a local twist? Try The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Fancy a more English way of life? You may want to try The Grand Lobby at Raffles Hotel. Prefer a more chill setting? Go for The Marmalade Pantry.

Regardless of your palate on that day, there will always be that high-tea place just for you and your girlfriends! But remember, no champagne!

6. Relax at a picnic

Here is a step by step guide on how to enjoy a fun picnic while you’re pregnant:

1) Pack some of your favorite finger food and drinks

2) Head to your favorite picnic spot (Marina Barrage, East Coast Park, Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay..)

3) Find a shady spot

4) Spread your mat.

5) Soak in the sights and sound of nature while you have a picnic with your loved ones.

6) Be surprised at how blissful a simple pleasure like this can be.   

Remember to choose pregnancy friendly foods!

7. Attend a symphony orchestra

Music is something that many mummies-to-be turn to during their bonding time with their babies. It is said that music has a soothing effect on your baby and can lead to a healthier and happier baby in the future.

But of all the different music genres, classical music has proven to be the best genre for your growing baby.

As such, what better way to bond with baby and enjoy a learned and cultured evening than to attend a symphony orchestra in Singapore.

With orchestra concerts performed throughout the year, you may want to head on down to Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s website to choose a concert that would blow your mind away.

8. Shop till you drop

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping” and we second that!

Shopping is probably one of the best therapies for ladies and it might just be THE best therapy for pregnant mummies (considering the stress of pregnancy).

Whether you are feeling indulgent for luxury goods or having one of those days where you are just in a spending mood, Singapore is the shopping haven catered to all types of shopaholics.

Be it a day at Marina Bay Sands, Bugis Street, or perhaps online shopping, if shopping can take that bit of stress off during your pregnancy, shop away and have a blast!

9. Create a masterpiece at Art Jamming

Thinking of adding a personalized piece of artwork in your baby nursery? Or simply wanting to express your pregnancy journey through an art piece?

Well then, it’s time to put on you painter’s cap and let those creative juices flow at an art jamming session.

Art jamming is one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends especially when you are pregnant. Why? Not only are art jamming studios comfortable in air-conditioned settings, they are affordable and honestly, a fun activity to engage in.

Eat, drink, paint and chit-chat with your friends as you guys paint up a masterpiece of your own at the numerous art jamming studios around Singapore such as Arteastiq, My Art Space or Muzart.

All you need to do is to grab a canvas and paint the afternoon away.

10. Enliven your vocal cords at a Karaoke session (KTV)

Choose any song of your choice and belt it out in the comforts of a private room with your friends.

For that added concert-like effect, have your friends form a percussion ensemble with cymbals, tambourine and maracas (provided by the many KTV lounges in Singapore) and be an instant superstar.

With KTVs in Singapore such as Party World, Teo Heng or Cash Studio amongst many others, offering a wide range of songs in their song list, you are promised a ball of a time with your friends as you guys sing your hearts out!

Release that pent-up stress (if you have any) from pregnancy and have a blast at a KTV session with your friends this weekend!

11. Take a relaxing stroll

To take the stress off your pregnancy, it is always a good idea to take a relaxing stroll with your family whenever time permits.

As strolls are low-impact exercise, it is gentler and more suitable for pregnant mummies as a means to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine.

More than just an exercise, strolls make a fantastic family bonding session after a long day at work.

Wind down and spend some quality time with your significant other or with your other children with a stroll as you talk about your day.

It is always a great idea to spend more time with your significant other and your children before the little one comes out and a stroll with your family, is a much-cherished activity that can bring everyone closer.

12. Mold away at a pottery class

If singing at a KTV is way too loud and intimidating an activity for you, you might want to opt for a quieter and more serene activity such as pottery.

Get your hands wet before squelching into cool mud clay and transforming it into beautifully shaped pots, mugs, jugs, bowls, plates etc.

Pottery classes such as Mud Rock Ceramics, Padme Hum Studio or the more traditional Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle teach you the different techniques involved as well as the intricate art behind making these delicate pieces before you create your very own pottery piece.

Just a warning though, creating your personalized pottery pieces can be highly addictive and wonderfully satisfying.

Start on a piece and you might soon find yourself making a full set of dinnerware for baby in the future.

13. Arrange a personalized flower bouquet

Flowers never fail to put a smile on a girl’s face but a bouquet of flower, when not arranged in a manner to our liking, can take that satisfaction away.

Flower arrangement, very much like art, is expressed differently by different individuals.

Learning to put together a bouquet of flowers that expresses your style and taste, is not only a fun and feminine activity to engage in, but it is seriously therapeutic and calming for both you and baby.

And the finish product, is one that promises to put that smile on your face since it is, after all, a beautiful bouquet that is uniquely you.

Whether it is flower arrangement workshops like Charlotte Puxley Flowers that gravitates towards an English countryside style or Hello Flowers that centers around whimsical bouquets, these flower workshops teach you to put together flowers of different colors and textures to create that beautiful composition of flowers and into a bouquet of your own.  

14. Attend a jewelry making workshop

How about a personalized bracelet or anklet for baby’s arrival into the world? Sounds like the perfect welcome gift for baby, no?

Jewelry making is not only a soothing activity (which is a perfect fun activity for pregnant mummies), but is also truly an enjoyable way to spend some me-time.

Hand craft a bespoke jewelry piece made out of love, from you to baby at Liz B, Wabi Sabi & me or Longue Vue Design and that would make a special and absolutely wonderful gift for your little one. 

15. Assemble a terrarium

Want to add some greenery in your baby nursery? Try out this fun activity while pregnant!

That’s probably a fantastic idea since the addition of plants provides that touch of tranquility and comfort to a room (something you likely need especially when changing baby’s diaper).

But introducing plants to a room in a tasteful way might be more challenging than it seems. How about learning to assemble a terrarium at a terrarium workshop to help you DIY your baby nursery in good taste?

Terrarium workshops such Make Your Own , Crafts for Green and The Plant Story teach you how to care for and decorate your terrariums (your choice of succulents) with accessories that make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Not only that, many of the terrarium workshops offer tea and snacks you can sip and munch on as you work on your masterpiece.

As terrariums are low maintenance, they would make perfect ornaments in your baby nursery!

16. Learn the works at a perfumery workshop

Pregnancy can be tough for some mummies and so, there is always a reason to pamper yourself during your pregnancy.

If you are someone whose olfactory system is always on the hunt for unique scents, then you might want to consider picking up lessons at a perfumery workshop.

Mix, blend, fuse the different scents and concoct your signature scent.

Perfumery workshops such as Jetaime Perfumery and Perfume Workshop start the course interestingly, with a personality test, which helps discern ingredients that are congruous with your personality, while Oo La Lab provide manuals and guides for you to discover your routine fragrance.

Smell uniquely you with a fun-filled activity at a perfumery workshop!

17. Have a memorable staycation

It is always a good idea to take a break and let loose during your pregnancy. As doctors highly discourage traveling during you first and third trimester, getting away on a plane to relax can be tricky.

Why not have a memorable staycation with your significant other and your family where you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy without the hassle of traveling?

With just so many staycation options to choose from in Singapore, you might find yourself spoilt for choice!

When making a decision, first decide on the type of staycation you’d prefer. Want something beachy and resort like? You might want to consider a stay in Sentosa with Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Silosa Beach Resort Sentosa or Equarius Hotel where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Prefer somewhere close city life where you are a stone’s throw away from yummy food and shopping? You might fancy hotels such as Hotel Jen Orchardgateway where you are right next to the 24hrDon Don Donki or Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel which is in the heart of the shopping belt in Singapore.

Staycation choices in Singapore are endless, so take a pick and enjoy an unforgettable staycation with your loved ones before you welcome the arrival of your little one!

18. Make some bubbly delight

In this case, not champagne bubbly (because no alcohol while pregnant!), but soap bubbly. Whether you are a bar soap or liquid soap user, soap making workshops offer a wide variety of soap types and scents that cater to your preference.

These soap making workshops in Singapore use botanical ingredient with skin care properties, so as to protect your skin, leaving them soft and supple!

Learn the works of how soap is made at Sugar & Spice, Soap Ministry or Rough Beauty to create your very own body soap, shampoo, dish washing soap and even laundry detergent!

Not only that, you get to design the shape of your bar soaps (flowers, hearts, stars, gemstones, lollipops…) which would make perfect gifts for your friends!

19. Immerse in a leathery experience

Want to make a something special and personalized for the hubbie who has been running around Singapore to satisfy your food cravings during the wee hours of the day?

Well, look no further. A leather making workshop is the place for you to design and stitch up some fine leather wallet or key holder for that sweet hubbie of yours!

Learn the basics of leather crafting at Maketh Project, Atelier Lodge or Crafune and you will be able to transform a sheet of leather into the most thoughtful leather goods!

From a wallet to a bag, nothing says “Thank You” like a carefully thought out and handmade leather goods.

Take this opportunity to express your gratitude to your other half with this highly rewarding leather crafting workshop!

20. Get gussied up at a makeup workshop

Many mummies-to-be find themselves losing self-confidence during their journey into their pregnancy. With weight gain and at times, bloatedness, many pregnant mummies may not feel as good about themselves as before.

But that does not have to be the case! Afterall, your pregnancy journey should be one that upon looking back, would make you smile.

While weight gain cannot be avoided during your pregnancy, looking good is absolutely possible!

Take up a makeup workshop the various makeup workshops available in Singapore such as Bloom by Roseanne Tang, One Academy or The School of Make Up and learn a skill or two about make-up and you will be surprised what they can do for your confidence.

A little contour on your sides and a little mascara on your lashes, the transformation is one that will put that smile on your face!  

21. Try your hand at paper blooms

Decorating the baby nursery is one of the things that mummies-to-be find themselves fretting over during the nesting period.

Since it is baby’s first home when coming back from the hospital, many pregnant mummies want the baby’s nursery to be decorated in the most personalized manner.

Should you want to add a touch of flora to the nursery or perhaps around the house, you might want to try your hand at paper blooms!

Paper blooms workshops such as Miss Petal and Bloom or Merremade teaches you to craft the most realistic looking blooms using the different textures of paper. Learn the art of paper blooms and create an everlasting beauty!

Who says you can’t indulge in fun activities while pregnant?

Now that we have explored the many activities that you pregnant mummies-to-be can partake in in Singapore, pick a few that pique your interest and pamper yourself away.

Whether it is a quiet and relaxing activity just for you and baby, or a group activity that can involve you and your girlfriends or family, try these fun activities out and make your pregnancy journey a more fun-filled one!

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