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8 Tips on How to Choose the Best Gynaecologist in Singapore

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The moment your pregnancy is confirmed, you will learn of your expected delivery date (EDD). Seven months on, the baby’s heartbeat can be heard, and you start looking forward to a safe delivery.

Throughout this process, there will be one person who will ensure that you have a safe pregnancy, labour, and delivery – your gynaecologist.

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If you are like most people in Singapore, finding the best gynaecologist won’t be the easiest thing.

Not just because you might have to scroll through many of them before settling for the best one, but also because the whole idea of revealing the most intimate parts of yourself can be intimidating.

However, finding the best gynaecologist in Singapore doesn’t have to be an uphill task; you only need a bit of research with this list.

Using the factors below will help you find the perfect gynae within the shortest time possible. 

1. Gynae Recommendations

The easiest and fastest way to choose a gynae is by asking your friends and family for referrals and recommendations. This will narrow down your options, and you will also get trusted reviews from them as to what you can expect.

Gynae recommendations are usually reliable as you get a first hand gynae review from someone you trust.

Ask them what they loved the most about their experiences, if their gynae is taking care of their needs during their pregnancy journey. Ask them also what they do not like about their experience with their gynae, so you can make an informed decision if their gynae will suit you.

Do also enquire about the gynae’s qualifications, friendliness, and hospitality.

However, be aware that whatever worked for them might not necessarily work for you. Only use their gynae recommendations as a guide and go with the one that would most likely be suitable for you.

2. Reputation

 You will be sharing most of your pregnancy journey with this person. You are going through a vulnerable time, both emotionally and physically, and you might end up forming a bond with them

Matters regarding your life, which range from sexuality to your body, will need someone who adheres to confidentiality and has proper work ethics. Let their reputation guide you.

The best way to learn a person’s reputation is through reviews. You can join online medical forums with gynaes’ reviews to see how they handled their previous patients.

It helps choosing a gynae with the best reputation and feedback given on forums as it gives a better indication of a more experienced and helpful gynae to see you through your pregnancy. 

3. Gender of the Gynae

Some women prefer female gynaes, often for fear of embarrassment during tests. Others feel that male gynaes are gentler.

And others feel that female gynaes, especially those who have children, will understand their needs best. Some couples decide on the gender of their gynae together, depending on what they are most comfortable with.

Whatever you decide, gender is all about preference, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s qualifications.

4. Qualification of the Gynaecologist

Is the doctor qualified to attend to your needs?

The only way to know is to examine their certifications, training, and the skills they possess. You will also need to evaluate their experience and check if they have any malpractice cases.

You most probably will not find a doctor with fake certification here in Singapore, but you should check if he or she is qualified to handle a specific health condition that you might have, such as previous miscarriages.

Find out his or her success rating on handling a similar situation.

5. Medical Facility

Most women want to deliver where their gynae is allowed to practice. However, in many cases, your gynae might not practice in your preferred hospital.

For example, some gynaes only deliver at Mount Alvernia Hospital, while your preferred hospital may be Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision to avoid additional costs.

Consider the quality of the services provided there. Enquire about the maternity packages and available privileges for giving birth.

Ask if they have the tools necessary to facilitate your preferred method of delivery. Check whether the gynae works with a team or as a sole practitioner.

It is crucial to find out who will cover them if your due date comes early and they are away.

Consider all these while choosing a gynae, and you will never go wrong.

6. Time

You will need to consider both the waiting time and attendance time.

Most private clinics and hospitals have a shorter waiting time compared to restructured (government) hospitals. Gynae clinics at government hospitals in Singapore handle a large number of patients, meaning that you have to wait longer for your turn. 

Their patients include private referrals, subsidized patients, and ones with higher- risk pregnancies. You would therefore be better off going to a clinic with a shorter waiting time, especially if you have urgent concerns.

You will also want to work with a doctor who will take the time to listen to and address all your concerns instead of rushing through the appointments.

A good gynaecologist is not in a hurry to finish the appointment but focuses on attending to you entirely.

7. Do You ‘Click’ With Your Gynae?

You should be compatible with your gynae. Schedule a one-on-one appointment and ask questions. Assess how they respond to your queries.

A good gynae should respond to your concerns in a way that you can understand. They are also pleasant and easily approachable. That way, you can open up about most of your worries and still feel at ease.

If it becomes difficult to establish patient-doctor rapport, then you need to move to the next gynae on the list.

Continue with your assessment until you find your match.

8. Cost of Gynae

Your budget should also guide you in choosing both the gynae and medical clinic. It is important to compare the cost of services to determine what works best for you.

Learn more about the cost of giving birth in Singapore.

You will realize that public hospitals have subsidized rates compared to private clinics and hospitals. This doesn’t mean that private hospitals are better than public, it all comes down to your budget and the level of comfort that you are looking for.

Also, never trade your comfort for price.

It is important to work with a gynae who is attentive.

Choosing unpleasant services because they are cheap, will cost you in other ways.

Do Your Research and Then…Trust Your Instincts

The gynae you choose will determine your experience all through your pregnancy to birth. You want one who will make your journey comfortable.

One who will ease your mind, give you and your baby the best medical attention, and one that you can fully trust.

All you need to do is a little research with the help of the list above, and you will find the best gynae in Singapore to see you through your pregnancy.

Your nine-month journey will become more bearable with the help of a supportive gynaecologist.

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