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5 Life-Changing Products That Will Make Your Pregnancy So Much Easier

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In life, there are few life-defining moments that will change you so thoroughly, unlike any other experiences.

Topping the list is pregnancy. That is, until you experience childbirth, but that’s another story for another day.

If you are expecting (first of all, congratulations!), here’s a carefully curated list of 5 products that will help make your pregnancy a breeze, somewhat.

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Let’s be real; growing a life inside your body is hard work, and a good night’s sleep is paramount for your physical and mental well-being.

But as your baby grows, the pregnancy weight gain can cause back pain and, in some cases, you’ll feel the pain everywhere, so much so, that a good night’s sleep seems like a thing in the distant past or future.

But a good pregnancy pillow can be a real game-changer.

There are a lot of variants so you may want to research which one is the best for your needs and budget.

Most works by supporting your growing belly while you sleep on your side, taking off the strain and pressure of your back and upper body.

This snug spooning position relieves some of the pain, allowing you to have several hours of uninterrupted sleep.

What’s better, the pillow is also a great companion after the baby’s arrival! You can use it to assist nursing – more bang for the buck!

2. Maternity Belt 

Most women begin to really struggle during the second and third semesters, thanks to the burgeoning baby bump.

If you are used to being active before the pregnancy, this can really put a damper on your everyday activities.

Good news: it doesn’t have to be!

A maternity belt is a belt that wraps around and under your bump, pulling your baby up and into the pelvis, thus providing extra support and comfort.

Since the price tag can be a little on the high side (as with other specific maternity products), what you can do is to first decide if it’s for you.

To have an idea of how a maternity belt feels, take a thick scarf and wrap it under your belly. Make sure that it sits snugly without being too tight.

Wear it as you go about your day for an extended period of time. If you feel better – less pain, more comfort – then it might just be worth the investment. 

3. Belly Band 

Not to be confused with a maternity belt, a belly band looks like a tube top.

But instead of wearing it over your chest – you guessed it – it goes around your belly.

Similar to a maternity belt, it provides support for your growing belly, while letting you hold onto your pre-pregnancy clothes a little longer.

As your belly grows, the buttons and zips of your pants, jeans, and skirts may cut into your flesh, causing discomfort.

It’ll also come in handy when you can no longer do your zippers all the way to the top.

A belly band will allow you to do away with buttons and zips altogether by comfortably holding up your bottom wear.

Apart from that, a belly band provides your belly with extra coverage, ensuring that your belly won’t peek underneath your tops.

Made of stretchy and breathable material, mostly a combination of cotton and spandex or lycra, this band is designed to grow with your bump up until a certain point.

There’s also a variant with straps that allows you to adjust its size according to your belly size.

4. Bra Extender 

As an expecting mother, every passing day takes you closer to the day that you’ll finally welcome your little one, but until that day arrives, there are a lot of mild annoyances that you have to face on a daily basis.

One of those annoyances is finding out day by day that a growing number of clothes in the closet don’t fit you anymore.

And among the clothing item that’ll be the first to pinch into your flesh, is your bra.

That extra pounds will usually pile up around your chest first, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing that comes with being pregnant.

We’d say, embrace that cleavage!

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your favorite bras and make the switch to maternity bras just yet, we recommend that you stock up on bra extenders.

A bra extender is essentially a piece of fabric with metal hooks, similar to your bra hook, sewn to it.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of bra, using a bra extender will come naturally.

Attaching it to the closure of your bra at the back gives a few extra inches, providing you with more comfort and preventing your bra from being stretched too tight. You’ll breathe better and feel better.

Bra extenders come in different types, depending on the number of hooks on your bra.

Since it’s relatively cheap, compared to the other things on this list, you may want to buy a few different ones to experiment with the material and the fit.

Trust us when we say that those extra comfortable inches that a bra extender provides will save you a lot of money and unnecessary stress.

5. Snacks 

And now, to the topic of morning sickness.

The term doesn’t really do the ‘condition’ justice, because for most women, the ‘sickness’ doesn’t magically stop comes noon.

If your sickness is holding you back from going about your daily routine, consider supplementing your body with vitamin B6.

It can be taken in capsules or its original form – bananas, avocados, and pistachios are all great sources.

Snacking also helps in keeping nausea at bay.

Try to go with the healthier options whenever you can – nuts, yogurt, eggs, fruits, and ginger tea have all been known to help.

And let’s not forget the solution offered by the old wives’ tales: sour food.

Aside from oranges, lemons, guavas, you may also want to stock up on sour plum candies and dried, preserved fruits such as Mo Far Kor for the times you need a quick relief when the waves of nausea hit you.

Embrace your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey; and as with every journey, it comes with its own challenges as well as rewards.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to take it day by day and not to forget to practice self-care on a daily basis!

With these products at hand, they might just help remove some unnecessary stresses that come along with pregnancy, allowing you to focus on this beautiful journey with you and baby.


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