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Life skills that you can teach your Baby and Child

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So you’re now preparing for your baby to come into this world. The morning sickness and vomiting, the entire pregnancy journey, foods that you couldn’t eat, all to bring the baby into this world.

But have you considered your children’s future? What are some of the life skills that they might need?

Up to 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented.  This means that the skills today may not necessarily be the skills that your baby will need in many years’ time.

But what are some of the life skills that your baby will need that will transcend work skills? Let us explore some of the life skills you can impart to your children.


1. Public speaking and emcee skills

At work, if you see your colleague presenting well, you will be in awe and wonder why you can’t present as well to impress your bosses.

Public speaking skills is crucial in articulating your thought and presenting yourself as a capable worker.

Better still, if you can emcee an event for your company and bosses or in a social setting, your stakeholders might be even more impressed. Who knows, your child might become a professional Singapore emcee one day.


2. Compassion and empathy

Life is hard. Many people live in dire circumstances.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can live a comfortable life, count your blessings.

Teach your kid compassion and empathy. It will go a long way in making the world a better place.


3. Swimming skills

With global warming, sea levels are rising and one day your area of living may be underwater.

On top of that, when your children starts hanging out with their friends, they might decide to take a swim at the deep end of the swimming pool.

Teach your kid swimming skills, because this is a survival skill that they will need.


4. Manners

Manners is something which is very important in their lives.

No one likes a rude person. Imagine if you had a rude friend, would you still hang out with that person?

Teach your kids manners from young, it will go a long way in letting grow up well mannered.


5. Resilience

You should also teach your child to be resilient.

They need to learn how to solve challenges by themselves, because as parents, you wouldn’t be around for them all the time.

They have to learn resilience; they have to learn how to react to different situations around them.


6. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important skillset which I would say, is the most important skillset.

Being able to read a person, being able to read a situation and react accordingly will be important in your child’s lives.

Teach them how to read people and situations from young.

As they grow up, they will develop the emotional intelligence that will bring that far ahead in life.

So these are the six skills that will do your baby and child well in life.

What are some of the skills that you think is needed? Let us know in the comments below.

The most important thing is, start training your kids with the necessary skillset from young.

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