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11 Unspoken Truths About Pregnancy: Expectations vs. Reality

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You only need to see two red lines and your entire world will go 180 degrees on you within seconds.

Planned or unplanned, pregnancy will have your mind running in circles.

Before long, you will find yourself relentlessly scrolling through the internet, looking for salvation.

If it’s your first child, the first thing that will shock you is that the 9 months period might just be a myth.

Let that sink in for a second.

You could have a friend who had a smooth pregnancy; but you also know that one person whose journey would fit in a horror movie without trying so hard. 

If it’s your second, third, or even 11th pregnancy, you might think that you are well-acquainted with the drill until new things start to happen and you are tipped off the balance again.

So, whether you are a new mum or not, the process of manufacturing a human being will come with lots of expectations and fears.

According to research, those mothers who psychologically adjust to the realities during pregnancy are able to handle parenting more positively.

Although no two pregnancies are the same, knowing the realities of it will help you handle your expectations better so you can find joy in your journey, and this article helps you with just that.

Let’s get informed, shall we?


Expectation #1: Excitement of being mother earth

Carrying a new life inside me will make me happy all through.

I’ll feel like a goddess.


You’ll not always feel excited.

You might become an emotional mess.

One minute you could be laughing your heart out and the next you could be sobbing.

Some days you will want people around and on others, you will just want to be left alone.

Hormones will be working full time and the fluctuations will have a significant impact on your emotions.

Expectation #2: Bringing the sexy back in maternity dresses

I’ll keep shopping for elegant maternity wears.

I should look nice and beautiful for these nine months. 


You wear your cute dress to boost your self-esteem when out there, but when indoors, you don’t care. 

As long as your ass is covered, anything loose is good to go.

Anything tight feels like it’s strangling you to an extent of limiting blood circulation.

Comfort will always win.

Expectation #3: The glow

I will be glowing with feminine energy like those women I see in Hollywood Movies.

I’ll be a reflection of health and vitality.


Some people will glow.

But others will be sweaty and oily from the hot flashes.

In the first trimester, you may develop rashes all over your face like a teenager.

Your pregnancy will be running an ad show even before the bump appears.

Expectation #4: Instagram hasn’t seen me yet

Your feeds will be filled with picture perfect pregnancy photos.


Let’s forget the breakouts on the face that might demotivate you from taking pictures for a minute.

Heck, you might even get away with great photo sessions in the beginning.

And then, the interest will fade away and all you will want to do is chill and get some rest.

Going for a photo-shoot becomes an unnecessary bother.

You feel too lazy due to nausea and fatigue.

Also, your changing body might take away the excitement.

Expectation #5: The Little Magical Kicks

I can’t wait to be in awe as I experience the little tender feet and fists kicks.


They feel good, but at times they get extremely furious for the bladder to comprehend.

The indescribable feeling of the first kick eventually becomes uncomfortable and then, suddenly, the kicks may become something that you can absolutely wait for.

Expectation #6: I will be the stay fit superstar…no slacking

I’ll work out to maintain my sexy body just like those models I see on TV.


Your mental processes might look like this, “I am nauseous and tired all the time, why would I work out?

Been working all day, let me just lie on the couch for a few minutes; after all, I walked from the parking lot to the house.

It counts, doesn’t it? I need to eat for two, I am hungry all the time.

I will start excising after the first trimester. What’s the pressure, I will just do it after the baby!”

Before long, the weighing scale will be reading different and you won’t have any apologies for it.

It doesn’t mean you are lazy, it’s just the process.

Source: edeneats

Expectation #7: Cravings

I will be sending my husband out at night to buy my favorite snacks.

This will be the perfect time for me to indulge in ice cream, chocolates, and all my favorite treats.


True, there will be cravings.

However, they might not come as you expect.

You might find yourself craving substances or foods that you would otherwise never touch.

Study shows that 8.2% of women crave for weird substances which include baking soda, soil, and corn starch.

Besides, your body could react negatively to sugary snacks resulting to gestational diabetes and you might need to tame your cravings after all instead of indulging in them.

In fact, it may be better to eat healthily.

Expectation #8: Extra attention, Favors and Preferential Treatment

Pregnant women are given special attention and care by the community.



You might get the extra attention, but it might not always be what you expect.

And it is also true that people might give up their seats for you in public places.

But the spooky ones could avoid you, fearing that you might give birth anytime.

Some people are daring enough to ask private questions like when you are due.

Some will just stare at you shamelessly. You’ve just got to prepare for those individuals.

Because yes, they exist.

Expectation #9: How About a Natural ‘Boob Job’

My boobs will balloon into sizeable balls, crowned by beautiful nipples towards the end of the third trimester in preparation for breastfeeding.


Well, they balloon.

They can become bigger than you imagined, and the once pink nipples get black.

Some people might not want to wear bras, so you leave them sagging without a care in the world – throwing aesthetics out of the window.

The sad reality?

Once you are done breastfeeding, your breasts will deflate and sag.

If you are unlucky, you will also be left with stretch marks to remind you of the season.

Expectation #10: Shopping for my babies items

I’ll buy every cute baby item that comes my way.

Particularly as many as I can to last up to three months when I will be able to leave the house again.


Some Items you buy are never used.

You buy tiny clothes which the baby outgrows so soon while they are still new.

Buy those most crucial items and when the baby comes, you can add more according to the needs.

Expectation #11: Joy of being a first-time mother

I’ll be so happy to hold my baby and motherhood will be fun.

Cuddling, bonding, smiling and even learning ‘baby language.’


It’s an awesome experience.

Don’t get me wrong.

However, you would need to brave sleepless nights when the baby wakes up in short intervals.

You might also have to endure painful cracked nipples before you learn how to breastfeed.

Anxiety grips you as you wonder about the survival of the tiny human being.

You do all you can to safeguard the new life.

And then, there is the dreaded postpartum depression that you might have to endure afterwards.

Information is Power (Expectation vs Reality about Pregnancy)

Pregnancy is beautiful. Nothing on this list is meant to scare you but to help you brace yourself for the journey.

I did not know anything until I had an experience of my own. I embraced and enjoyed it despite the unmet expectations.

Get used to the realities as fast as they show up. After all it’s only meant to last a short period. The experiences may be a rollercoaster, but they are all worth it.

A healthy and happy baby is the ultimate expectation.

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