Track your pregnancy week-by-week

Pregnancy week by week

27 Weeks Pregnant

Length of baby: 37cm
Weight of baby: 900g (0.90kg)
At week 27, your baby’s brain is starting to show brain activity, and will continue to develop in complexity in the weeks ahead.


This is the final week of your second trimester, so this means you are already two thirds there (hooray!).

Congratulations! You’re doing an amazing job nurturing this baby.

You’ve got a lot on your plate now, from dealing with the pregnancy symptoms to getting your baby nursery ready.

Looking ahead to the third trimester, your pregnancy symptoms will be somewhat different from what you have experienced.

Hormonal fluctuations will continue to affect your body, but the good news is, with every passing day, you’re closer to meeting your little one.

In the third trimester, you would be visiting your Doctor every two weeks. Bring on the final trimester!

27 weeks pregnant is how many months? 27 weeks pregnant is six months and three weeks pregnant.



How big is baby at 27 weeks? Your baby measures about 37cm.

The current weight of your baby is about 900grams (0.9kg).



This is the weight gain that you must achieve this week.

Underweight(BMI <18.5)  0.44kg to 0.58kg
Normal weight(BMI 18.5 to 24.9)0.39kg to 0.50kg
Overweight(BMI 25 to 29.9) 0.23kg to 0.33kg
Obese(BMI ≥ 30) 0.16kg to 0.25kg

During the second trimester, you will need to eat an extra 340 calories a day.



Yes we know, those pregnancy symptoms is such a downer, but alas, they aren’t going away anytime soon. We hope that the tips we’ve offered have helped you cope with them.

Being 27 weeks pregnant, here are some signs and symptom that your body might be experiencing:

  • Constipation. Due to your pregnancy hormone, progesterone, relaxing your digestive track, your body will take a longer time to digest the food, causing you to develop constipation.
  • Piles (Hemorrhoids). With the growing baby putting pressure on your rectum with the added strain of constipation, you may develop piles. Do eat lots of high fibre foods and drink lots of water.
  • Cramping leg muscles. As your uterus grows bigger, it puts tremendous pressure on the leg veins causing leg cramps. Stretch your legs if that happens.
  • Dizziness. You might feel faint due to the constriction on your blood vessels. The constriction may cause oxygen deprivation to your brain and cause you to feel faint. If you do feel faint at any moment, do sit down immediately.
  • Blocked nose. Your pregnancy hormones will cause the membranes in your nose to swell up, causing nasal congestion.
  • Itchy belly. As your belly becomes bigger, the skin around your belly will stretch, causing it to become dry and itchy.    


If you are having the problem of piles (Hemorrhoids) , do remember to eat lots of high fibre foods and drink lots of water. This is due to the double whammy of constipation and your growing baby putting pressure on your rectum.



By this week you would have a healthy weight gain of between 6.8kg to 13.6kg. You should be sticking to the weight gain recommendations as this will reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and preterm labour.

Your uterus is now about the size of a basketball, and your baby is growing bigger with each passing day.

The kicks are getting stronger, and you might even feel tiny hiccups as tiny rhythmic movements from your baby. Start counting baby kicks next week to make sure the baby is healthy and well.

As your uterus is getting bigger, your stomach is getting squeezed. Because of that, you feel full easily and might even feel nauseous after a large meal.



Your baby’s brain is starting to show brain activity, and will continue to develop in complexity.

The little one is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his or her eyes and even sucking the fingers.

The lungs, still immature, are still developing, and if the little one were to be born this week, the lungs would function with medical assistance.

As the network of nerves to the baby’s ears mature, your baby would be able to recognise both you and your partner’s voices. So do talk to your baby since he or she would be able to hear you.



Reminders for the week:

  • Take a breastfeeding class
  • Try pregnancy yoga
  • Eat smaller meals to help with digestion