Track your pregnancy week-by-week

Pregnancy week by week

28 Weeks Pregnant

Length of baby: 37.6cm
Weight of baby: 1000g (1kg)
At week 28, the little one’s lungs are now mature enough that in the event of a premature birth, it would probably survive.


Congratulations, you’re now officially in the third trimester  – the home stretch!

The third trimester starts this week at week 28, which means you are two-thirds of your way into your pregnancy.

You will now have to visit your doctor every fortnightly, and starting from week 36, you will be visiting your doctor every week.

As your belly is getting larger, you will find yourself feeling uncomfortable and not being able to get a good sleeping position.

This will result in a lack of sleep during this stage of your pregnancy. You will need rest, so resist the urge to do something else and get as much rest as you can.

Start monitoring Baby kick counts

Start doing kick counts this week to monitor the baby’s movement, so you can tell if something is not right with your baby. It is important that you do kick counts because this will help to identify problems, prevent stillbirths and even help you bond with your baby.

Here’s how you monitor kick counts:

     1) Pick the right time of the day – do it when your little one is usually more active.

     2) Get into a comfortable position – You can do it either sitting or lying down. Relax, concentrate and feel your baby move.

     3) Count the time it needs to take to do 10 fetal movements – This will usually take between 30 mins to 2 hours.

     4) Repeat steps 1 to 4 the next day – Record the timings every day to ensure your baby is doing well. If something seems to deviate from normalcy, inform your doctor.

28 weeks pregnant is how many months? 28 weeks pregnant is seven months and pregnant. Welcome to month 7!



How big is baby at 28 weeks? Your baby is the size an eggplant , which is about 37.6cm.

The current weight of your baby is about 1 kilogram (1 kg).



This is the weight gain that you must achieve this week.

Underweight(BMI <18.5)  0.44kg to 0.58kg
Normal weight(BMI 18.5 to 24.9)0.39kg to 0.50kg
Overweight(BMI 25 to 29.9) 0.23kg to 0.33kg
Obese(BMI ≥ 30) 0.16kg to 0.25kg



As your baby grows bigger and your belly gets bigger in the third trimester, you will be experiencing some new pregnancy symptoms.

Being 28 weeks pregnant, here are some signs and symptom that your body might be experiencing:

  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS). About one-third of women experience RLS. There will be an “itchy”, “burning” or “creepy crawling” sensation, which causes an overwhelming urge to move your legs. If upon moving your legs the feeling subsides, you might have RLS. Try massaging and stretching your legs to help alleviate these symptoms. If it still doesn’t help, inform your doctor.
  • Dizzy spells. Standing for long periods or having low blood sugar can make you have dizzy spells. Do hydrate yourself and rest while you can.
  • Feeling breathless. As your growing baby pushes onto your lungs, it will make you feel breathless. Do take things at a slower and more comfortable pace and do not exert yourself.
  • Sleepless nights and feeling tired. You find that you have trouble resting well and you always feel tired. It is probably a combination of nerves and your ever-changing pregnancy hormones. To alleviate this, take cat naps while you can.
  • Body aches. As your belly stretches and your body strains under the pregnancy, you will find yourself aching in places you never ached before. Do try to introduce some exercise into your routine to condition your body, or you can try using a maternity support belt to help shoulder the weight of the baby.
  • Leaking breasts. It is very common in a pregnancy to have leaky breasts. If your nipples are leaking, it is probably colostrum, which is the first milk your breasts will produce in preparation to feed your baby. If the leaking is persistent, use a breast pad to absorb the milk.


If you find that your nipples are leaking, it is at this stage probably colostrum, which is the first milk your breasts will produce in preparation to feed your baby when it is born. Use a breast pad to absorb the leakage if you find it a problem.



The fundal height of your baby this week should be about 28cm. This is to ensure that your baby is growing well and that the little one is in the right position. If the fundal height is off, this could mean the baby is in a sideways or breech position.

You should also start doing kick counts this week to ensure that your everything is alright with your baby.



Your baby now has eye lashes and even enjoys fluttering the eye lashes. He or she is also now able to blink his or her eyes.

Though the eyesight is still developing, the little one may be able to see light that filters through the womb.

The baby is also now starting to develop more fat and the skin will start to get smoother. At week 28, the little one’s lungs are now mature enough that in the event of a premature birth, it would probably survive.

The baby is also developing billions of neurons in the brain and is getting smarter, in addition to getting bigger each day, readying him or herself for life outside the womb.

Studies have shown that your baby’s heart rate drops when you talk to him or her. So start talking to your baby, and get your partner to do so too. This is a great way to start bonding with the little one.

At this stage you might be interested to do a 3D/4D scan of your baby for keepsake before the little one gets too “big”. 3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, and with time being the fourth dimension. This is entirely optional if you want to see what your baby is up to in the belly. 



Reminders for the week:

  • Monitor your baby’s kick counts
  • Schedule your week 30 prenantal appointment