Track your pregnancy week-by-week

Pregnancy week by week

9 Weeks Pregnant

Length of baby: 2.3cm (23mm)
Weight of baby: 2g (0.02kg)
At week 9, your baby is now officially a foetus and no longer an embryo. This means major organs including the heart, brain, lungs, arms and legs are now formed and developing.


Has it fully sunk it yet that you are going to be a Mum? Well, if not, we’ll give you a minute before we commence on week 9!

With things starting to get more real with each passing day, do start thinking about the arrangements for your baby.

Maternity Leave

If you are working, you might want to start thinking about breaking the news to your company so that they are able to make arrangements for when you go on maternity leave. Under MOM law in Singapore, you will be eligible for 12 or 16 weeks of maternity leave.

If you are legally married, have been working for at least 3 continuous months, and your child is a Singapore citizen, you will be entitled to 16 weeks of PAID (woo hoo!) maternity leave.  

If you have been working with your company for at least 3 continuous months but do not meet some of the other criteria, you will have 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.



How big is baby at 9 weeks? Your baby is the size of a cherry, which is about 23mm (2.3cm). The current weight of your baby is about 2grams (0.002kg).



You are still in your first trimester, so you do not need to gain much weight. By the end of the first trimester (week 12), you should be expected to gain anywhere between 0.5kg to 2kg. 



The pregnancy hormone hCG is in full drive. What this means is that your pregnancy symptoms may be the most severe. Hang tight, because it should get better in a few weeks.

Being 9 weeks pregnant, here are some signs and symptom that your body might be experiencing:

  • Severe Mood Swings. You feel somewhat bipolar, from extreme elation one moment to extreme sadness the next. This is coupled with your emotions about becoming a Mum (especially for the first time), causing you to feel like you are not in control. Slow down, take frequent breaks, eat your comfort foods and avoid stressful situations.
  • Morning Sickness. Your morning sickness is in full force and you might be suffering from nausea all day. You could also be vomiting regularly due to your nausea. This too shall pass. Experiment to see what makes you feel better, some take sour-ish food, or ginger, or vitamin B6. For those carrying twins, you might find yourself with severe morning sickness.
  • Nasal Congestion. Little did you know, but pregnancy causes higher mucus production, so be prepared to have a leaky nose. What you can do is to place your head over a large bowl of hot water with a towel over your head and breathe deeply to remedy this condition.
  • Fatigue. As your body is still working hard to grow your 9 week old baby, you may feel totally drained. Do try to keep your energy levels up, by eating healthy snacks and sleeping more.
  • Headaches. Your pregnancy hormones can cause you to get headaches, but so can your lack of sleep, stress and dehydration. This is a crucial period as your hormones are in full drive, so the rule of thumb is to take good care of yourself. You can massage your temples, or you can give yourself an acupressure hand massage, where you apply pressure (squeeze) the nerve between your thumb and index finger.


Being right in the heart of the first trimester, your pregnancy symptoms will be in full swing. Try to find foods and activities that will make your life easier.



At week 9, you might find that you are starting to have trouble fitting into your clothings, even if you might not have a baby bump just as yet.

Your uterus has already doubled in size to accommodate your growing baby, and if you touch your lower abdomen, you will find that it is firmer than what it usually was.

In the weeks ahead, your uterus will grow out of your pelvis, and that is when your baby bump will officially show.

Likewise you might find your bra to be somewhat tight as your breasts increase in size. It could be high time to start thinking about getting a maternity bra, if not this week, then definitely in the weeks ahead.

As you increase in size, do remember that weight gain is recommended. If you are suffering from severe morning sickness, can’t keep your food down and are losing weight, talk to your doctor about it.

Most doctors will tell you that a slight weight loss at this stage is fine, and once you gain your appetite, you can put the weight back on.

However if you suffer from a drastic weight reduction, do inform your doctor right away.

Because the morning sickness will be most severe during this period, there are pregnant women who get so sick that they are diagnosed with a condition called Hypermesis gravidarum (HG).

HG is diagnosed when a pregnant woman suffers from severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and dehydration.

It is important that treatment begins without delay. You may require IV fluids for hydration and also oral medication.



Your baby is now looking more human-like, and is officially a foetus (no longer an embryo).

This is just the different phases of development, where the embryonic stage is about forming major organs, the foetus stage is one where major organs including the heart, brain, lungs, arms and legs are formed and are continuing with its development.

This week, your baby’s heart finishes dividing into the four chambers and the heart valves start to form.

The tail is now completely gone, while the organs and muscles are now starting their next phase of development.

The eyes are now formed, but the eyelids are shut and won’t open till week 27 of pregnancy.

The other features on the face are now more distinct, and the external sex organ is formed, though you won’t be able to tell the sex for another few weeks.

With the placenta now developed to provide oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby, your baby is now ready for his or her growth spurt.

If you are doing a week 9 ultrascan, it will be done transvaginally. Your doctor will insert a probe into your vagina, since your uterus is still in the position behind your pelvic bone. You might even get to see your baby’s tiny heartbeat for the first time!



Reminders for the week:

  • Start thinking about when you plan to tell your company about your pregnancy (you can do it much later when your baby bump is beginning to show, but just start to think about when).
  • Start to look around for maternity clothes and maternity bra.
  • Take good care of yourself, rest more and eat healthily.